I Don’t Like Captain America

I absolutely have no interest and do not like Captain America. I find him to be very boring, having a very dull personality and a goody two shoes. I have only seen one movie from his and that was Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I only saw it because I had watched every movie I wanted to see and I was bored. I did not like the movie and had no interest in it. I was watching the movie and in the final act when he is fighting the soldier, at the climax of the movie at the very pinnacle of the action I started reading and responding to comments on my YouTube channel . I have no clue how the movie ended, I turned it off and at the pinnacle of the last fight scene, I lost interest, that’s how much I don’t care for him. I like the beginning of Avengers: Age of Ultron I like the fact that they made fun of him for his boy scout nature of not swearing. His personality is that of a boy scout and goody toe shoes, totally uninteresting. He is not charismatic, he is always very serious and overall bland. He is always telling others what to do, what not to do, he is like that kid that’s always saying “Guys don’t do that, guys stop it.” You just wanna say shut up and get outta here, go somewhere else.

The other thing is his name, the most boring, dull, bland, unoriginal, cringe worthy, douche sounding name, Captain! America! Get out of here! That’s the same thing as Captain England! Captain Australia! Captain Canada! Sounds so stupid. His name sounds like a bad B movie made up superhero. His fighting style, his origin story is just eh to me, I just shrug my shoulders and say eh! It’s not the best it’s just there. His enemies as well, Eh! His cowl as well looks laughable and that of a bad B movie superhero. He is super bland! That would be a good name for him, Super Bland!